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Ben Silver

Ben has a background in cartography, environmental planning, and sustainability management. He enjoys using mapping and geospatial analysis to help empower communities, and to lend understanding to complex data and systems that would otherwise be inaccessible to the average community member.

Prior to joining BERK in 2017, Ben worked for the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer as a cartographer maintaining the Washington statewide trails database. Concurrently, he worked for the Thurston Regional Planning Council performing the GIS portion of their climate adaptation planning process. In addition, Ben has also held resource conservation management positions with both the University of Washington Bothell and North Seattle College, where he helped each organization better manage campus resources through the lens of environmental sustainability. Ben holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Urban Planning, cum laude, from the University of Washington.


Outside BERK


Originally from Spokane, Ben has spent most of his life in Washington State. Like many in Seattle, Ben enjoys exploring the beautiful surroundings, and spending weekends camping and backpacking in the area. A lifelong musician and music lover, you will often find Ben at one of Seattle’s amazing music venues, where he loves seeing funk, bluegrass, jazz, and everything in between.