Greenwich Library has 'live road map'to navigate future

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best libraries make a plan for how to be flexible in the face of constant change. Every five years, Greenwich Library takes a pause to reflect on community needs, re-examine its practices, and articulate fresh goals and strategies that keep the Library moving towards its vision. It's this mix of discipline and flexibility that has led Library Journal to name Greenwich Library a 5-Star Library for nine years in a row. 

Last year, Brian Murphy and I teamed up with the Library to develop Greenwich Library Renewed, a strategic plan or 'live road map,' that focuses the Library in a few key areas, and yet makes it possible to pivot when change comes knocking. The Library has goals and strategies that are specific enough to provide direction, but not so specific they become obsolete with the next operating system upgrade. In other words, Greenwich Library has the ability to bend with the wind, not break. 

For local press coverage, go here: Greenwich Library looks ahead to the next chapter.

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