Bryce Anderson: Three Questions, Three Answers

1. Who is your favorite band/musician? Why?

The National. They’ve been my favorite band for a decade and my appreciation for their music has increased overtime. They perform precise and technically rock songs that can transform into mislayered yet serene melodies. Matt Berninger, the lead singer, has a baritone voice that sounds like the feeling of sipping whiskey while reading Hemingway in a city bar as it rains outside.  

2. Growing up I thought I might become…?

An investigative reporter/journalist. I liked reading the newspaper growing up to get a sense of what was happening around me and in the world beyond my own immediate setting. I also had an outsized understanding of what reporters did due to watching the movie Fletch at an impressionable age.

3. What is your spirit animal?


Mountain Goats. They stand on rocks and trees or anything they want and don’t bother themselves with getting stressed about life. We all have a lot to learn from goats.