Andrew Bjorn: Three Questions, Three Answers

Happy trails, in Waterton–Glacier International Peace Park.

Happy trails, in Waterton–Glacier International Peace Park.

1. Where did you grow up?

My early years were spent in central Massachusetts, and I went to university out there as well. I have lost the accent—except when I've had a pint or two!—but I'm still a Bay Stater deep down with a special place in my heart for Moxie, fluffernutters, Dunkin's, and fried clams. Since my early days, I've divided my time between Seattle and Canada (Toronto and Calgary), with some time in Norway added in.

2. Where do you want to travel?

My bucket list has some very specific things to see and do: road tripping across Scandinavia to trace the family tree; trying different kinds of bananas in Costa Rica; taking cooking classes in Cinque Terre; and learning to make brandy in Croatia. I'm never the kind of person that likes to sit on a beach for a week as a vacation; I'll take hiking around a new city or some ruins over anything else.

3. What is your favorite thing about the PNW?

It has to be the weather. No, seriously! Living in colder climates made me appreciate Seattle weather all the more. I don't miss freezing to death or digging out from snowstorms, it's not too hot in the summertime, and camping is something that you can practically do year-round. In fact, I will always object to anyone that complains about the weather in Seattle, unless there are frogs raining down.