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Bryce Anderson

Bryce supports land use planning, data gathering and analysis, and GIS analysis. Prior to joining BERK, he worked at the UW Office of Planning & Management and Capital Planning & Development Department. He supported University strategic planning efforts on the Organizational Excellence Metrics Team and worked on UW’s Campus Master Plan. Bryce served as the Professional Development Program Manager for the APA Puget Sound Section – Young Planners Group.  Bryce held positions in event planning, served in student leadership roles, worked on educational policy, taught as a peer instructor, and conducted and presented research at a research symposium.


Outside BERK


Born and raised in the Puget Sound Region, Bryce appreciates the urban and natural environments that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As an avid reader of all things, Bryce developed an interest in public policy at a young age when he learned to read using newspapers. He has a strong passion for music and live shows, and enjoys long bicycle rides.