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Jescelle Major, CPRP

Jescelle has a background in landscape architecture and design. Her experience in concept design, visualization, and outreach give her unique capabilities in presenting information to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Prior to joining BERK, Jescelle worked at a local design firm. She is an active volunteer in the community, working with groups like the ACE Mentor Program, Alzheimer’s Association, ARCADE Magazine, and Sawhorse Revolution. She is a current City of Seattle Arts Commissioner and a past member of the City of Seattle Design Commission. Jescelle completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Florida receiving a B.S. in Sustainability and the Built Environment. She has a Master of Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. Jescelle is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional.


Outside BERK

Jescelle Major

Though she had access to the same activities (and better weather!) in Miami, Jescelle is active in Seattle’s rowing and sailing communities. She picked up these hobbies before moving to the PNW in an attempt to avoid the "Seattle freeze." Since she’s always been near the beach, Jescelle moved to West Seattle and currently resides near Alki, which is both very different and somewhat similar to her hometown of Miami.