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Lisa Johnson

Lisa specializes in urban planning and data analysis and has experience in outreach and facilitation with diverse groups of stakeholders. She has a background in real estate, economic development, and transit. Her experience includes work for both private and public sector agencies focused on building stronger communities. Prior to joining BERK, Lisa worked as a project manager for a development group in New York, NY and as a Community Development Advisor for the Peace Corps.

Lisa earned her Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wake Forest University. She has studied and worked in countries around the world such as New Zealand, South Korea, Benin, and Costa Rica.


Outside BERK

New Employee

On any given weekend you’ll find Lisa exploring one of her two favorite things – mountains and cities. She was born in the Rockies and raised in the Smokies, so the beautiful Cascades and Olympics have made Seattle quickly feel like home. Her free time is often spent visiting family and friends or rearranging the furniture in her apartment for the 100th time. You’ll find her wandering through Capitol Hill, scoping out new restaurants and coffee shops.