We believe in and live by lots of values.

Some are necessary for civilization and some are necessary to be a 30-year old successful public policy consulting firm. We strive to live by values shared with others in our community by being ethical, respectful, rigorous, creative, innovative, and hard working.  

Four values in particular guide how we interact with our clients and with our internal team: curiosity, collaboration, agility, and equity.


We value curiosity.

  • We develop nuanced answers to complex questions, drawing on current data, astute analysis, and careful consideration of the human element.

  • We learn and explore new ideas by asking questions, challenging assumptions, and pushing ourselves.

  • We search for the story in the data and never accept conclusions without evidence.

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We value collaboration.

  • We work with clients and the public to discover better outcomes, facilitate difficult conversations, and advance the public good.

  • We communicate with clarity, transparency, and practicality to build trust, laying the foundation for great teamwork.

  • We complement clients’ expertise, experience, and perspective to better serve their communities.


We value agility.

  • We are nimble and adaptive in responding to client goals.

  • We embrace critical thinking and new information, even when it contradicts what we thought was true.

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We value equity.

  • We benefit from diverse perspectives across complex, overlapping, and interconnected identities.

  • We strive to enable individuals and communities to actively participate in shaping their futures.

  • We approach our work with an eye towards equitable analysis and outcomes.