Trish Raysor: Three Question, Three Answers

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Central Florida in a small town called Apopka, this loosely translates to "potato eating place" in the Seminole language. My childhood home was a 5 minute drive from Wekiwa Springs State Park. Much of my time in the summer was spent there, swimming in the springs and hiking on the trails. This is where I found my love for nature and where I did my part in keeping the local mosquito population alive. I left to join the Army at 21, but still miss those summer afternoon thunderstorms that roll in everyday in the mid-to-late afternoon and leave the scent of washed earth hanging the air. 

2. Growing up I thought I might become...?

An English teacher and author. I soon realized that my love for words and reading didn't actually translate into writing talent or teaching ability, so I joined the Army and worked in the intelligence field. 

3. What is your favorite thing about the PNW?

Growing up in a state that was flat and had 2 seasons, hot and really hot, I love that I can see mountains and water whenever I look out a window and that there are 4 seasons, even if some are shorter than others. I fell in love with Seattle the first time I visited 20 years ago, and cannot imagine living anywhere else.