Helping communities and organizations create their best futures. 

Founded in 1988, our passion is working in the public interest, helping public and nonprofit agencies address complex challenges and position themselves for success.


We believe in and live by lots of values.

Some are necessary for civilization and some are necessary to be a 30-year old successful public policy consulting firm. We strive to live by values shared with others in our community by being ethical, respectful, rigorous, creative, innovative, and hard working.

Four values in particular guide how we interact with our clients and with our internal team.

As a firm, we value curiosity, collaboration, agility, and equity.

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Our passion is working in the public interest. 

Our clients include state agencies and local governments, tribes, ports, foundations, and nonprofits. While our focus is primarily here in Washington, our passion, our reputation, and our clients can sometimes take us further afield. 


Meet the BERK Team



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